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Seminar 2012
QuiTE promotes quality in the training, education and development of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.
QuiTE  2001 - 2012
British Council
10 Spring Gardens
Friday 14th December 2012 from 10am
Online and blended learning in TESOL education: building interactive learning communities
QuiTE Annual Seminar and AGM
There are clearly many aspects of online and blended learning in TESOL teacher education of interest to our community of professionals.  We value its innovative qualities, the new and varied ways in which it draws on participants' learning and creative skills, and its availability to those who cannot necessarily attend a face-to-face course. Equally, we assume that effective TESOL teacher education requires an interactive learning / training community and this will be achieved in a special way in blended and online training. Participants need to communicate with their tutors, but equally with their peers and students.  Social media have paved the way for such interaction in an informal context, but training organisations using VLEs such as Blackboard and Moodle, for example, need to find equally effective ways of encouraging confident, but focussed, peer interaction.  The point is also often made that F2F teaching demands skills that must be taught to some extent through F2F training.  In blended learning programmes, tutors often have to compress into the F2F phase a lot more than "teaching practice" - if indeed there is provision for observed teaching, with or without assessment.
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Keynote Speakers:
Tim Francis English Language Centre, University of Bath  Abstract

Dr Li Li
Programme Director  MEd TESOL - University of Exeter Abstract

Dr Rosemary Westwell 
Free lance researcher/writer Abstract

Dr Claire Whittaker
Head of Learning and Teaching - Bell    Abstract
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