Certificate level
To be eligible for admission onto most certificate level courses you will need the following:

  to be at least 18 years old and have qualifications or equivalent that provide access to higher education.
good English language skills.

Diploma level
To be eligible for most diploma level courses you will need to have:

a first degree or equivalent
good English language skills
at least two years' recent full-time teaching experience in an ESOL/EFL/ELT context

You may also be required to hold a recognised cert-ificate level qualification.

Masters level
Most universities require a first degree or equivalent and a minimum of two years full time post-qulification experience of teaching English. However, there is considerable variation in entry requirements and you are advised to check with the university to determine entry requirements.

There is a vast range of useful information available on the internet.

The following are some web sites which are in keeping with the principles which QuiTE promotes:

The British Council: Teaching English

The British Council: Language Assistant

Also of interest:

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TESOL careers are very varied. This diagram represents one common pattern which employers often look for.