QuiTE  2001 - 2012
The Association for the Promotion of
Mission Statement
We promote and encourage quality and professional integrity in teacher education courses for teaching English to speakers of other languages both in the UK and overseas. We do this through facilitating informal professional discussion, regular seminars, the maintenance of a web site for TESOL Teacher Education and publications.
QuiTE Promotes Professional Quality and Integrity in TESOL Teacher Education, Training and Development 
QuiTE is a voluntary, not-for-profit association, which brings together teacher educators and trainers in all TESOL fields, regardless of whether they are working for private providers, colleges of further education or universities.
Please note that QuiTE is not a course accrediting body.
QuiTE Leaflet
Quality in TESOL Education
QuiTE promotes quality in the training and education of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.
We aim to provide a forum for the development of dialogues among the various sectors of the profession. On our committee there are representatives from a wide range of sectors here in the UK.
QuiTE was formed in 2001 after the dissolution of both IELTDHE (Institute for English Language Teacher Development in Higher Education) and BATQI (British Association of TESOL Qualifying Institutions).