There are a number of publications produced by BATQI which are still available. BATQI publications can be ordered though QuiTE.
(excluding p&p)
Professional Standards in TESOL in the UK :  An Overview (1993)            2.00
ISBN 1-898061-01-7
Conference Proceedings
The Future of British English Language Teaching
(Proceedings of 1992 BATQI Conference) (1993)                                           2.00
ISBN 1-898061-10-6
The ELT Diploma Market
(Proceedings of 1993 BATQI Conference) (1994)                                             2.00
ISBN 1-898061-04-1
Teacher Qualifying at a Distance
(Proceedings of 1994 BATQI Conference) (1995)                                             2.00
ISBN 1-898061-06-8
Towards a British Institute of English Language Teaching                           3.50
(Proceedings of 1996 BATQI Conference)
ISBN 1 898061-08 4
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